cute baby
“If you can Dream it,
you can Do it.

~ Walt Disney ~

cute baby
“Life is like a roller coaster,
live it, be happy, enjoy life.

~ Avril Lavigne ~

Kiara Frankcheska- portfolio

~ Jon Krakauer ~

"Happiness becomes
reality when shared." - the lonely swing
Life is really simple,
but we insist on making it



Graphics Design

Logo, Icons, and Web Graphics Elements
$10 - 20
  • Get your own product and company branding. Let your brand be known.
  • Have your own identity, One-time payment only

Business Website

School, Company, Product website
$100 to 600
  • Be one step ahead! Let more people know about your business.
  • One-time payment only, Free maintenance, Social media optimized, Free SEO