The Battle of Marawi is almost over. It’s been fifty-four days since it started. This is a war between the good and the evil. But at the end of the day, it is really Filipinos fighting each other. Muslim insurgents versus the Government soldiers.

First time in the history of the Mindanao Muslim insurgents that they gather and fight together. The truth is, the Maranao and the Tausogs do not get well with each other. They fight, and they don’t fight side-by-by against the Government troops. But in this war, they become one in the name of ISIL. Somebody must have convinced them to unite and fight to establish a Wilayah.

In this article, I want to reflect on this war particularly about, “whose the big loser” and what should be done. So, who really is the loser in this war?

The Maranaos are the Losers

So, who really is the loser in this war? Ah, it must be the Maranao People. Why? Maybe because they are enemies with the Tausogs. The Tausogs have nothing to lose aside from their lives. And look at Marawi City now. It is now destroyed. It’s ground zero. The Tausog group Abu Sayaff must be laughing at their loss. They were able to bring the war in the land of the Maranaos and let them suffer the consequences.

No, the Maranao people is not the big loser in this fight.

The Muslims must be the Loser?

The Muslims must be the losers as a whole! Tausogs and the Maranao joining together represents the Muslims! When they put up this war, different groups from Mindanao gather together to form this IS in South East Asia. And now they lose against the Government troops. Shame on them!

No, not either. The Muslim people are not the loser. We cannot just judge the Muslims because of the few who are doing evil things. I have meet many Muslims and a lot of them are good people. The Maranao people are businessmen. They are good people. While there are insurgents, a lot of them are good people, I swear.

A Time of Reckoning

The President has nothing to lose. For him life is just a matter of live and let die. He is a vindictive man. So, do you think he is thinking of a good timing for a retaliation when this war started? This must be a retribution from the President after the bombings done in Davao city. The president is so vindictive to those who f*ckup with him. This must be it! A time of reckoning!

But that is a very irresponsible and unfounded statement isn’t it? No president in his good mind will do that. The president after all is a man with a kind heart. He won’t just kill innocent civilians. He claim to have a Maranao roots, so the more he won’t do it to his people.

The war started when the AFP attempted to arrest Isnilon Hapilon. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise that the enemies were surprised. Otherwise they must have prepared well for this siege more than the preparation the Government soldiers have been addressing now.

This war isn’t about reckoning or retaliation or retribution. This is about a crisis the Government has to deal with. This is real war where the Government have to show force and prove that our country’s Armed Forces is really capable of disbanding terrorists such that of the Maute and the Abu Sayaff.

So who really is the big loser in this war?

Whether Muslims or Christians, we are all Filipinos and yet we are fighting each other. In this war, our country is the biggest loser.

While our neighboring ASEAN countries are busy improving their economy, here we are, spending more to buy ammunition to kill and stop these terrorists. Obviously this has impact to our economy.

But what is alarming is that this war is not only participated by Filipino terrorists. There are foreign terrorist who come and join in their fight. While Singapore is booming their economy, some Singaporeans come here to terrorize. While Indonesia is at peace, some Indonesian fighters come here and terrorize. So with some Malaysians. Is this really about Jihad? Isn’t this about economic sabotage?

Our Country as the Biggest Loser in the Battle of Marawi

Whether this is terrorism or an economic sabotage, the denouement manifests a losing end for our country. Imagine the lives of our soldiers and the innocent civilians. The money we spent for the munitions and for the rebuilding of the city.

In this war the losing end are the poor Filipinos. Those who are displaced by the war. Those who died and suffered. The casualties of war, the children who have lost their fathers and families who have ruined homes and nothing to return to.

Indeed ignorance excuses no one. At the end of the day, it fires back to all of us. Enough reason why we have to double time and help promote a peaceful country. Education that is free and life changing. A country that is for all and not only for the few elite and oligarchs. A country with faithful who are learned and educated and far from religious extremism.

This is the reason why we should strive to strengthen our military on the first place. For a country to prosper it must have a strong military system that is able to address threats effectively at the shortest possible time. A military that is capable enough to maintain peace in the sovereign country it represents. A military that is self-sufficient but not corrupt. Only then can we move on and talk to the enemies and plea for their own sake.

In the fight against terrorism, we have to be one with our Government. One people, one nation, we can fulfill what has been promised in the land known to be the promised land of Mindanao, and above all, our country, the Philippines.