LET Exam quick Review

LET Exam Quick Review and Funny Tips

LET exam review are usually aided by reviewers with hundreds of pages. You need to patiently read and take the sample exams until you familiarize yourself with the terminologies. Oftentimes it can cause stress and that is not good when you are about to take the board exam.

Because of this, many creative minds have created simple and quick guides to help LET examiners remember very useful information in the field of education. Continue reading “LET Exam Quick Review and Funny Tips”

recover damaged usb flash drive

How to Recover Damaged USB Flash Drive?

Sometimes we think it is already dead. We are quick to decide to buy new one. Anyway it is much cheaper these days than three or five years ago. But before you rush to a computer store and buy a new Flash drive, there is nothing wrong if you try to recover it. After all, when you recover damaged USB flash drive, it will save you a lot of time, money, and most of all the important files you kept for years. Continue reading “How to Recover Damaged USB Flash Drive?”

How to fix usb flash drives files and folders hidden by computer virus

How to Fix USB Flash Drive Hidden Files

Wondering How to Fix USB Flash Drive Hidden Files? This article can surely help you solve your problem easily.

The Situation

You represent your company in a seminar. The speaker use PowerPoint presentation to make sure the topic is visually clear and easy to understand. Because taking notes while listening is so taxing, you think of copying the file later.
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Battle of Marawi

The Battle of Marawi – Who’s the Biggest Loser?

The Battle of Marawi is almost over. It’s been fifty-four days since it started. This is a war between the good and the evil. But at the end of the day, it is really Filipinos fighting each other. Muslim insurgents versus the Government soldiers.

First time in the history of the Mindanao Muslim insurgents that they gather and fight together. The truth is, the Maranao and the Tausogs do not get well with each other. They fight, and they don’t fight side-by-by against the Government troops. But in this war, they become one in the name of ISIL. Somebody must have convinced them to unite and fight to establish a Wilayah.

In this article, I want to reflect on this war particularly about, “whose the big loser” and what should be done. So, who really is the loser in this war?

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Marawi City

Why you shouldn’t call this Maute group – ISIS

The Marawi siege is not an ordinary rebellion as it is carried out by unified Islamist groups led by the Maute group wanting to get attention and support from the internationally known ISIS. Normally the Maranao and the Tausog do not agree with each other. But this time, they have come to fight side-by-side.

Muslims are so obsessed with the Idea of spreading their faith through Jihad. But for this newly unified group, it is not only about religion. It is about the money they can get from international support. So they fight without fear under the influence of drugs methamphetamine (shabu) as many people here in Mindanao know. They can even dance in the middle of a firefight without fear of losing one’s life.

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Daddyneering – Journey of a Hands-on Dad

Having super active kids is so challenging. My wife is working as a school teacher, so I have to do the daddyneering of my two kids. This is my every day routine from morning until three in the afternoon. I have my online job from three to eleven in the evening. In spite of being a working dad, finding time to enjoy the great challenge of daddyneering is a priority.

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The Joy of Forgiveness

The joy of forgiveness – a reflection of a learned man

Have you experienced the joy of forgiveness? Surely, we all have experienced anger. Many times we feel so unforgiving. This scenario is so common in our society. It touches our egos. Our pride can’t let go of what we feel. In short, we easily forget the lessons from our moral teachers. But then, at the end of the day, we can realize that somehow we are the once carrying the heavy burden.

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