LET Exam quick Review

LET Exam Quick Review and Funny Tips

LET exam review are usually aided by reviewers with hundreds of pages. You need to patiently read and take the sample exams until you familiarize yourself with the terminologies. Oftentimes it can cause stress and that is not good when you are about to take the board exam.

Because of this, many creative minds have created simple and quick guides to help LET examiners remember very useful information in the field of education. Continue reading “LET Exam Quick Review and Funny Tips”

recover damaged usb flash drive

How to Recover Damaged USB Flash Drive?

Sometimes we think it is already dead. We are quick to decide to buy new one. Anyway it is much cheaper these days than three or five years ago. But before you rush to a computer store and buy a new Flash drive, there is nothing wrong if you try to recover it. After all, when you recover damaged USB flash drive, it will save you a lot of time, money, and most of all the important files you kept for years. Continue reading “How to Recover Damaged USB Flash Drive?”

How to fix usb flash drives files and folders hidden by computer virus

How to Fix USB Flash Drive Hidden Files

Wondering How to Fix USB Flash Drive Hidden Files? This article can surely help you solve your problem easily.

The Situation

You represent your company in a seminar. The speaker use PowerPoint presentation to make sure the topic is visually clear and easy to understand. Because taking notes while listening is so taxing, you think of copying the file later.
Continue reading “How to Fix USB Flash Drive Hidden Files”

how to write a response or reaction paper

How to Write a Response or Reaction Paper?

Do you have frequent headaches at the end of every semester because you have no idea how to write a response or reaction paper? Many college professors have this habit of letting their students make a reaction paper at the end of the semester.  As a student you have no choice but to write your reaction about a particular subject. Sometimes a movie, or maybe a reaction to your report! Continue reading “How to Write a Response or Reaction Paper?”

Defining Intercultural Competence

Defining Intercultural Competence

Dr. Antonio Tamayao’s Social Dimension of Education (Philippines: Rex Publishing 2013), Defining Intercultural Competence, defines Intercultural Competence as the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with people of other cultures. Communicating effectively according to him is about putting into consideration the valued rules and norms. Making sure that there is no significant violation in the expectations of the relationship. To communicate appropriately means, that valued goals or rewards (relative to costs and alternatives) are accomplished. To meet the expected standards of intercultural competence, the author cited eight behaviors which are considered important. Continue reading “Defining Intercultural Competence”