Daddyneering – Journey of a Hands-on Dad

Having super active kids is so challenging. My wife is working as a school teacher, so I have to do the daddyneering of my two kids. This is my every day routine from morning until three in the afternoon. I have my online job from three to eleven in the evening. In spite of being a working dad, finding time to enjoy the great challenge of daddyneering is a priority.

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Symbolic swing reflection when my babies had their anti pneumonia vaccine

Been to our pediatrician for another vaccine for our babies. Both Kiara and Kian had a shot of Synflorix for more than a hundred and nineteen bucks (six thousand Philippine pesos). Its painful to the pocket but prevention is better than cure.

Synflorix is a pneumococcal vaccine that contains extracts from 10 of the most common types of Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for causing invasive diseases such as pneumonia, blood poisoning and meningitis. The vaccine works by provoking the body’s immune response to the bacteria, without causing the diseases.  – source:

This is another painful experience also for both of them. The two inches needle just went in and poof, the two burst in tears. Continue reading “Symbolic swing reflection when my babies had their anti pneumonia vaccine”