The Joy of Forgiveness

The joy of forgiveness – a reflection of a learned man

Have you experienced the joy of forgiveness? Surely, we all have experienced anger. Many times we feel so unforgiving. This scenario is so common in our society. It touches our egos. Our pride can’t let go of what we feel. In short, we easily forget the lessons from our moral teachers. But then, at the end of the day, we can realize that somehow we are the once carrying the heavy burden.

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Ang Bidlisiw – May kasanag luyo sa mga pagsulay sa kinabuhi

May bidlisiw luyo sa mga pagsuway sa kinabuhi nga kanunay nato masinati. Kadaghanan kanato makaagi jud ani sa tagsa-tagsa ka kinabuhi.

Dili lalim ang pagmata kada buntag para atubangon ang mga hagit sa kinabuhi.  Daghan ang dili nalang gusto magmata tungod sa kabug-at sa ilang gihambin nga mga kasakit.  Daghan usab ang naningkamot pagmata luyo sa tanang kalisod ug maisogon nga moatubang sa mga hampas sa balod sa kapalaran. Continue reading “Ang Bidlisiw – May kasanag luyo sa mga pagsulay sa kinabuhi”

capsule wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe: Because less is more

The year 2016 is about to end and one thing is surely true, you have accumulated so much treasures throughout the year.  In fact you have messed up your  wardrobe with overflowing clothes you have bought both brand new and second hand ukay-ukay.  One more year of  doing this practice, and you literally will have the following scenario:  overflowing closet, a messed up shoe rack with layers of old and new shoes and sandals, and higher electricity bill because you have kept both old and new appliances. Continue reading “Capsule Wardrobe: Because less is more”

Good Vibes

Choosing Good Vibes

Choosing Good Vibes is a decision!  Finally, I have made this blog where I can share moments of happiness in my journey.  This is a choice and the theme itself will be about choosing to be happy.

In connection to happy blogging, yes of course, there will be struggles and sad moments in our lives, but we have the final say whether we choose to remain sad or happy.

To Franklify means to see things differently – that is on the brighter side of everything.

As the captain of my ship, I choose happiness.

Welcome and have a happy and abundant life ahead.

Happy reading!