Are you looking for an inspirations? I am watching TEDx Talks and there is one topic that caught my attention.  It is a talk about How to spot a leader in their handwriting by Jamie Mason Cohen.

The speaker is so interesting because he can tell who you are and what is your interests, character and personality base on your handwriting.  At the end of his talk he encourage everyone to keep writing inspiring things.  He said, that’s what Gandhi did, so with other well-known personalities like Oprah.

That catches my attention and ask myself, “What Inspires me?”

About finding inspirations: So what really Inspires me?

Every day I journey life, finding inspirations with all the challenges it brings.  At times it works like a routine that you have to do day after day after day.  There are times when it feels so boring thinking about this routine but I cannot just stop right there.  I don’t have to end my life just because it is boring doing things again and again every.  I already know life is like this.  We people just need to be accustomed with things happening around us.  In finding inspirations, maybe the real challenge is, what difference can I make to be the better version of myself every day. It is difficult to challenge oneself to do better everyday though, but it is worth a try.  This is because what inspires you may lead the way to your happiness.

It pays to be a dad and have a happy Family

In spite of the worries, the insecurities, and on the other hand the joys and sorrows, there are things and people that really inspires me.  Top of the list is my family.  My two little kids who are cute enough to put a smile on my face everyday.  As a hands on Dad, I love them so much and I am really inspired in guiding them in their journey.

Parenting is a great challenge financially.  The big responsibility to nurture them to become better individuals is both thrilling and exciting.  At the end of the day I cannot deny that it is also worrisome.

Surprises are always there

My eldest daughter Kiara Francheska already know how to ask for favors.  She wants watching “Five little ducks” video on you tube using my mobile phone.  If her wish is not granted, she starts doing things that will force you to give in if you are not firm enough to discipline her.  But priceless are the moments when she starts hugging her younger brother and me.  When she say I love you papa and then share her beautiful smile.   Likewise my little boy has that inspiring smile and love to me being their Dad.

Lucky to have dreams like every body else…

Another thing that inspires me are my hopes and dreams.  Yes, I do have dreams and there are plenty of them.  As long as we live, we have to continue to be hopeful and we have to have dreams.  As years gone by and as my age increment each year, opportunities just got narrower and narrower.  It worries me a lot, but I am faithful that things will be just fine.  To have dreams is free, and so I dream big.  It is one thing I look forward to and it motivates me to be hopeful.

Faith matters too…

Being faithful to God is another great thing which gives me hope.  I believe he inspires me everyday and he use other people to do that for me.  Listening to Bo Sanchez and many other good and inspiring speakers like in the TEDx Talks are some of the ways where God work mysteriously.

His miracles are so inspiring and they happen everyday as long as we will recognize them in our lives.  It enables me to make a difference.  Isn’t it inspiring that in spite of being unworthy, here I am writing and breathing, and using God-given talent to continue and enjoy life?  Indeed it is!

As long as we live, we can continue to be inspired everyday by inspiring other people who come our way.  As for me, the nearest would be my dearest wife and kids.  Thanks to God!