What Franklify is all About?

Franklify website is about my experiences, ideas, learnings, journey, reflections and family. My inspiration comes from people who are able to express their journey into writing. The crafting of this website manifest the belief that every one is a creative writer and some good things and memories are really worth sharing.

This is the place where I expresses my thoughts, transform ideas into a creative piece of art, and imprint some marks which can be use sooner or later to connect the dots.

Franklify – keep writing and enjoy the journey

Every minute great things happen elsewhere. We are surrounded with events and experiences that is once in a lifetime. We write the stories in our own book as we journey this gift called LIFE.

Blogging and writing our experiences along our journey is as good as keeping our own journal. The only difference in blogging is that, we can do it any time we want. While journal is an everyday task for yourself, blogging does not require doing it everyday. What is common between them is that, we learn new things along the way and by writing them every day or as time permits, we make them little less than permanent and easy to remember. We print them in the minds and hearts of the readers who may have the same experience.

We share what is in our minds and the experiences we have so that others may find encouragement to do the same. We are social beings and we all love to share. We communicate, we interact, we socialize on Facebook and Twitter and many other social sites, and we love it.

Our life experiences, ideas, learnings, journey, reflections and family stories are sometimes common among us. But somehow you may find something useful around as you navigate. Thanks then for dropping by!

Best Regards,