The Marawi siege is not an ordinary rebellion as it is carried out by unified Islamist groups led by the Maute group wanting to get attention and support from the internationally known ISIS. Normally the Maranao and the Tausog do not agree with each other. But this time, they have come to fight side-by-side.

Muslims are so obsessed with the Idea of spreading their faith through Jihad. But for this newly unified group, it is not only about religion. It is about the money they can get from international support. So they fight without fear under the influence of drugs methamphetamine (shabu) as many people here in Mindanao know. They can even dance in the middle of a firefight without fear of losing one’s life.

Why you shouldn’t call this Unified Islamist group – ISIS?

The Maute group should not be called ISIS by anybody. Calling them ISIS is just the same as calling the attention of ISIS big time supporters all over the world to support them. Instead, they must be called “MAUTO” (as in nauto) because they are actually fooled and brainwashed with their wrong ideology and their love for money. They are bad ass evils who are ready to cut your throat any time they want to do so.

Maute group
Photo: The Maute group Leaders. Photo by PTV.

With the growing popularity of this event in Marawi city, being headlines on television and the internet, calling them ISIS will not stop the problem. This will instead help them reach as far and as fast to ISIS supporters around the world who are willing to provide them with more funding. This is easy money, and more will be attracted to join them by giving them compensation as fighters.

As I have read from a comment on Facebook, one supporter says, “We don’t die, We Multiply”. They don’t actually care if they die. They believe that when they die, more will join them, and the fight goes on. That is the danger of these extremist and terrorist groups. This is why religious extremism isn’t cool at all.

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Everything the Maute group has started has to come to an end

The Maute group has been there for many years already. As a Christian, you should not try to come to their place if you are afraid to die. They are known for their cruelty and anybody entering their territory cannot leave alive. They are terrorizing in their stronghold territory in Lanao for so long already. Their number increases as their family grows.

Muslim men are allowed to practice polygyny, that is, they can have more than one wife at the same time, up to a total of four. With that, they surely can multiply their number faster.

Marawi Crisis
Photo: Damaged in Marawi war. Photo by IQR.

But everything which has started will soon end. Even the greatest conquerors of the world ended with their empires. Hari Singh Nalwa the greatest conqueror in history from Pakistan ended his regime in a battle of Jamrud. Alexander the Great had the same fate.

Not Anti Islam

Fighting extremist groups such as the Maute group, Abu Sayaff and others does not mean being anti-Islam. The efforts of the government is just right and timely without which, the group will become bolder.

This is the confession of a former ASG member at CNN. “The next time they will do this they are bolder,” he says. “And they are better equipped. And I am afraid for that.” – Abu Jihad at CNN

Islam is great and their faith to Allah is remarkable. Sadly, it is saturated with false teachings or wrong interpretation of the Quran. This demands for a deeper and meaningful study of their faith.

Marawi bombed
Photo: Marawi after bombing. Photo by ABS-CBN news.

The challenge is really on the part of the Muslim preachers to educate and preach Islam with love and peace. After all, they refer to Islam as a religion of PEACE. Religious extremism will not bring peace in the Land. It will only bring war and therefore chaos and death.