The truth is, Filipinos know nothing about the internet in the early 90’s.  It was only on March 29, 1994 when it became available through the efforts of the Philippine Network Foundation (PHNet).

Today, almost half of the country’s population have access to the internet.  The popularity of social media bring a lot of people online.  The number is increasing everyday, while the internet services are also improving at a higher cost, at least better than when it started  way back 23 years ago.

The vast majority of internet users are not really aware that their online activities are not private.  Sometimes we may think that we are safe because we are in our home network, but the truth is, anybody can actually spy on us.  We do not have protection, unless we use secure line and we need to pay for this Virtual Private Network or VPN.

Who is watching our online activities?

1.  Bots.  While we enjoy surfing online, we also leave foot prints.  Programs called robots found in search engines like,, and many others monitor them. Big companies like the Alphabet the mother company of Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo owns them.

When you visit a website for example, bots can monitor what pages you visit, how much time you spent on that page, what page serves as your entry point or landing page, and what page is your exit point.  In Google, all these are recorded in their application called Google Analytics.  Website owners who use their application can then monitor their website traffic, what page are popular, what keywords they use and they also provide some tips on how to improve  website performance.

Here is a good example on how bots monitor us.  Try search about hosting sites like Hostgator, or iPage. Or maybe try looking for products in your favorite online store like Lazada.  Then try to visit facebook.  You will notice there will be advertisements related to your previous activities online.

How do they know I am interested about Elegant themes? Or that I am previously looking at HostGator?  Yes these companies pay to make their posts visible and they pay facebook or google to advertise their products.  Google and Facebook on the other hand have intelligent software which can predict your interests and display ads base on them.  How do they know what is your interest? Bots do the job for them.

2. Hackers.  Aside from bots, other people like hackers may watch your online activities.

White hat hackers are the good guys who will help you remove a virus.  They also PenTest (penetrate test) company systems for security holes so that they can fix it and make it more secure.  No harmful things are done. They are certified, and they are called ethical hackers.

Black hat hackers on the other hand attack banks and big companies with weak security and steal money.  They may also attack individuals to get credit card information.

In between the two are gray hat hackers.  White hat hackers ask permission and don’t steal.  Black hat hackers do not ask permission and they steal. Gray hat hackers do not ask permission, but do not steal or do something bad.  For example, they may penetrate a company website without permission.  Then they disclose whatever security holes they found and give the company time to fix them.

3. Company Bosses.  Yes your boss can watch what you do if you are in an unsecured network.  This depends on how technical your boss is when it comes to spying.  He can also hire someone to do it for the company.

Today’s millennials do not really care much about online security.  They are confident online.  They are not afraid to disclose personal information.  But if you are dealing with confidential matters specially financial matters online, it is another story, and it is good to rethink about and consider cyber security.

How to be secure using Avast VPN?

There are many VPN services in the internet and it is up to you what to choose.  It follows that paid services are more secure and reliable compared to those which are free.

As an Avast Internet Security premium user, I have a first hand experience with Avast.  It is lightweight and does not use much resources of your computer.

To avail Avast VPN service, you need to install either Avast Anti Virus or the Avast Internet Security or any other Avast products.  You can GET A FREE AVAST ANTI VIRUS by clicking this link:

They offer a FREE ANTI Virus that is good in protecting you from Malwares, Trojans, and other malicious programs that can harm your computer.

After you install AVAST, open the program and choose Privacy, then Secure Line VPN.

Other Advantages of Using VPN

VPN protect you by letting you use a Secure Line. This secure line allows you to choose specific country, thus it will appear that you are from that country you choose. These locations are where they have VPN servers you can connect to.

AVAST Secureline VPN

Because you can connect to the internet using a different location, you can also have the privilege to view contents exclusive in that particular country.

For example you want to watch the latest Episodes of the Game of Thrones, a popular HBO TV Series. The Problem is, you cannot view them online here in the Philippines. It is exclusive in the US and Europe and some ASEAN Countries maybe. But if you have a secure line VPN connection, you can watch them by changing your Country of Location to those in the US or Europe.

Another Avantage is privacy when downloading torrent files. When you are downloading cracked software using torrents without VPN, you are putting yourself in danger. They can trace your location and charge you of piracy. Using Avast Secure Line VPN, you are downloading privately from another country.

After you choose the location to connect, simply click the GO PRIVATE button.
AVAST Security


The internet is the information superhighway which contains the least useful information up to the most useful information. There are more than 100,000 computer Viruses that you can get by surfing unsafe. We can avoid Viruses, Worms and Trojans using Avast Anti Virus, or any other effective Anti Virus. Avast Secure Line VPN can protect us from spies who wants watching the things we do online. Security is just a pigment of our imagination. We cannot be 100% secure online. But choosing between the two, it is better to choose the lesser evil. It is better to have protection using Avast Secureline VPN.