Have you experienced the joy of forgiveness? Surely, we all have experienced anger. Many times we feel so unforgiving. This scenario is so common in our society. It touches our egos. Our pride can’t let go of what we feel. In short, we easily forget the lessons from our moral teachers. But then, at the end of the day, we can realize that somehow we are the once carrying the heavy burden.

Brother Roger is different. In his journal, Brother Roger shared his reflections as he journey with his community in Taize France. The small book published by St. Paul’s is full of insights from a learned man. Let me share to you what I have read. An excerpt from what he wrote about the Joy of forgiveness…

The joy of forgiveness

What is amazing in the Gospel is forgiveness – the forgiveness that God gives us, and the forgiveness God asks us to give one another.”

There is no will to punish in God.
If we could entrust everything to God, even our worries… Then we realize that we are loved by him, comforted, healed.

The Gospel contains breathtaking words: “Love your enemies; pray for those who hurt you.”

To love and to forgive: there we find one of the wellsprings of joy.

When we forgive, our life begins to change. All forms of severity are replaced by unlimited goodness.

All who strive to root their lives in forgiveness seek to listen rather than to convince, to understand rather than to impose themselves.

Begin with yourself; resolve never to judge others harshly. Seek to understand rather than to be understood, and you will find joy.

~ Brother Roger of Taize (2006). God is Love alone – Glimmers of happiness~

What I can say is, WOW! I am always blown away by very deep reflections by learned people like brother Roger. In truth, it is really difficult to forgive. The problem is, it looks like it is already a norm in our society. On the contrary, it really matters if we try to have a contrite heart. It teaches us to humble ourselves and be easy to forgive instead of being unrepentant. After all, we can benefit when we forgive easily. That feeling of freedom from the burden of guilt is amazing. That is what the joy of forgiveness is all about…