This will be another web development learning experience.  Gravid på Arbejde is a website that gives advise to working pregnant women in Denmark.

This is the first big project I will be working with this year 2017, so I am happy and excited.

Moving the site without full access

The challenge is to move the website from its original server who will not give full access.  No plesk or Cpanel login so this is different from the usual process.

To do this, I will be using a plugin for backing up wordpress websites.  Luckily there is a bunch of them in the repository so there is no big deal about it.

For those who can encounter the same situation, I suggest you use Updraft Plus.  This will allow you to make a full backup of the website and download all files and the database.

Setting up a Newsletter Subscription

They have a newsletter but it is not working in this case.  So, they want me to fix it and make subscribers choose between Company or Personal Newsletter.  If they choose one over the other, that subscription should go to the equivalent group so that they can easily send separate newsletter for companies and for personal subscribers.

Another Learning experience

One project may look the same as the one I encountered before, but no matter how close it is, there is always something new in every project.  It is another learning experience that can help improve my skills.

Indeed learning is a continuous process.  As a web developer, I have to learn more and more and keep myself updated of the new trends in web development to be able to stay on track.