Working with Morsø - privilege, honor, pride

Before 2016 ended, my boss gave me another assignment to work with. Morsø is one of the first clients I have had during my first days as a web developer. 

I am privileged, honored, and it is a source of my pride.   I’m glad that they are still here hosting their website at Design4web.  Some of the websites I have made had move already to another hosting company.

Being the oldest in the team

As the oldest web developer of Design4web it’s such an honor to work again with Morsø Collection. This time the task is to update their site to the latest version of the Joomla! CMS.  The older version runs with j1.5 version so I cannot update it directly.  I need to build a new site from scratch but I have to maintain the looks and contents of the site.  Joomla 1.5 uses an older version of PHP while latest version is compatible with PHP 5.6 and higher.

Now it’s January 5th 2017 and I am halfway done of the project.  I sure will finish this before the week end.  This will be a mobile friendly site in contrast to the older version which is not mobile friendly.  This has been challenging specially the hundreds of products moved to the new site.

Looking back 2010

Working on this project today reminds me of my first days when I started way back in 2010.  It’s good to think that it’s now 7 years and I am still with the company.  It is such a privilege, and honor and I am proud of it. With this I can say that I have Franklified! Welcome 2017!